Basic Help - How to Search Within eKumba

eKumba search tool enables search of works and authors throughout the Center za teatrologijo in filmologijo AGRFT database.
Search keywords must be enetered into the search box. The search retursn a list of all works/persons/arhival units in the database, that correspond to the entered keywords. Results are displayed in alphabetic order. Clicking on any of the results a full description of the hit is displayed. If there is only one hit you will be automatically redirected to its page.

Quick view at the search field

search field example

How to search

1. Enter keywords into the search field.
2. Select proper search options: if you're looking for artists, select find persons; if you're looking for a theatre performance or a film, i.e. a project, select find projects; if your're looking for a certain archival unit (a videotape, paper, showbill), whose shelf mark you may (partially) know, select find units; also, search type must be set: if you're searching for hits, containing ALL keywords, then select the find ALL search keywords option; če pa želite najti vse, ki vsebujejo vsaj eno od vnesenih ključnih besed, izberite najdeno naj vsebuje vsaj eno geslo.
3. Press Find it! button to start searching.

A simple example

1. Enter uporabno lepo in the search string field.
2. Select find projects;
3. Select find all search strings;
4. Press the Find it! or Enter button;
5. On a new page hits will be displayed, that include search strings in their name, description or keywords;

Tip: Do not be afraid of too many hits. Just use additional keywords to narrow down your search.

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