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Quietud, La (2018)

Vila Mirna / Quietude, The
Country of Origin: Argentina
Length: 117min
Original project format: DCP (2K), colour
language: Spanish
feature film

Summary:After long years of absence, and following her father's stroke, Eugenia returns to La Quietud, the family estate near Buenos Aires where she is reunited with her mother and sister. The three women are forced to confront the emotional traumas and dark secrets of their shared past, which played out against the backdrop of the military dictatorship. Long-buried grievances resurface and jealousies are revealed, all amplified by the unsettling physical resemblance between the two sisters.
Pablo Trapero (Director)
Martina Gusman (Actor, Mia)
Graciela Borges (Actor, Esmeralda)

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On This Day
Max Reinhard (9.9.1873-30.10.1943)
Néstor Almendros (30.10.1930-4.3.1992)
Louis Malle (30.10.1932-23.11.1995)
Claude Lelouch (30.10.1937-)

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