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File: Roki na steni - Ekipa

Roki na steni - Ekipa - Del ekipe pri snemanju filma Roki na steni režiserke Milene Olip.
file type: Image
filename: RNS_ekipa3.jpg
technical quality: professional, for publishing
licence: exploitation for educational purposes only
appearance: always allowed
transfer: always allowed
Description:Part of the crew filming "Hands on the Wall" by Milena Olip.

Links with projects:
Roki na steni (2008, short fiction)
Links with people:
Stefan Reichmann (Photographer)
Milena Olip (Person on the Photo)
Mina Bergant Herič (Person on the Photo)
Barbara Zemljič (Person on the Photo)
Valentin Perko (Person on the Photo)
Links with units:
4759 - Roki na steni (2008, CD-ROM w/Digital Stills)

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