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Oderuh 2009/2010, poletni semester (2010)

Oderuh IV 2 -
shelf mark: 5278
Published in: Oderuh - ISSN 1854-7559 - Year 4, No. 2, p. 1-143.
Article Web Search: Cobiss-si
archive: CTF Archives
item type: playbill
borrowing policy: confined
Denis Poniž (Mentor)
Barbara Orel (Mentor)
Nina Žavbi (Language Consultant)
Klemen Brumec (Photographer - fotografije iz vaj)
Mojca Ketiš Mavec (Photographer - fotografije iz vaj)
Darjan Mihajlović Cerar (Photographer - naslovne fotografije produkcij)
Danijel Modrej (Photographer - naslovne fotografije produkcij)
Anže Virant (Photographer - v sklopu In - akcija!)
Tereza Gregorič (Editor)
Nina Šorak (Editor - rubrike In - akcija!)
Rok Andres (Editor - sklopa Teorija ima talent)
UL AGRFT (Publisher)
Rok Andres (Editorial Board Member)
Urša Adamič (Editorial Board Member)
Anže Virant (Editorial Board Member)
Darjan Mihajlović Cerar (Designer - Zavod agregat)
Danijel Modrej (Designer - Zavod agregat)
Mojca Ketiš Mavec (Thematic Block Editor)
loan status: in place

Links with projects:
Improvizacije (2010, theatre production)
Marjetka , str. 89 (Črtavec, Freudovec, Začetnica)* (2010, theatre production)
Marjetka , str. 89 (Diva, Dramaturginja, Hospitant)* (2010, theatre production)
Marjetka , str. 89 (Stara Sablja, Frajer, Mučenik)* (2010, theatre production)
George Dandin (2010, theatre production)
Antigona (2010, theatre production)
Marija Stuart (2010, theatre production)
Večer treh kratkih zgodb Edgarja Allana Poeja (2010, theatre production)
Večer treh kratkih zgodb Edgarja Allana Poeja (2010, theatre production)
Večer treh kratkih zgodb Edgarja Allana Poeja (2010, theatre production)
Janez Janša. Boga ni. Vse je dovoljeno. (2010, theatre production)

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Giacomo Puccini (22.12.1858-29.11.1924)
France Koblar (29.11.1889-11.1.1975)
Cary Grant (18.1.1904-29.11.1986)
Herbert Grün (29.11.1925-20.12.1961)
Živojin Pavlović (15.4.1933-29.11.1998)
Natalie Wood (20.7.1938-29.11.1981)
Rade Krstić (29.11.1960-16.3.2018)

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