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Oderuh 2010/2011, zimski semester (2010)

Oderuh V/1, 2011 -
shelf mark: 5418
Published in: Oderuh - ISSN 1854-7559 - Year 5, No. 1, p. 1-127.
Article Web Search: Cobiss-si
archive: CTF Archives
item type: playbill
borrowing policy: confined
Denis Poniž (Mentor)
Barbara Orel (Mentor)
Nina Žavbi (Language Consultant)
Klemen Brumec (Photographer)
Tamara Bizjak (Photographer)
Damjan Švarc (Photographer)
Mojca Ketiš Mavec (Editor - glavna)
Rok Andres (Editor - glavnega sklopa)
Nina Šorak (Editor - rubrike In - akcija!)
UL AGRFT (Publisher - založnik)
Anže Virant (Editorial Board Member)
Lena Gregorčič (Editorial Board Member)
Rok Andres (Editorial Board Member)
Darjan Mihajlović Cerar (Designer - Zavod agregat)
Danijel Modrej (Designer - Zavod agregat)
loan status: in place

Links with projects:
Improvizacije (2011, 1st semester performance)
Utva (2011, theatre production)
Tartuffe (2011, theatre production)
Lepotica in zver (2011, theatre production)

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