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Adept, let. III, št. 2, 2016/2017 (2017)

Adept - letnik 3, št. 2, 2017 -
shelf mark: 6856
Published in: Adept - Revija sodobnih gledaliških in filmskih ustvarjalcev - ISSN 2385-9164 - Year 3, No. 2, p. 1-45.
Article Web Search: Cobiss-si
archive: CTF Archives
item type: magazine
borrowing policy: confined
Blaž Lukan (Mentor)
Nataša Martina Pintarič (Language Consultant)
Nina Ramšak (Editor-In-Chief)
UL AGRFT (Publisher - in založnik)
Maša Pelko (Journalist - Author - Brez cinizma)
Jaka Smerkolj Simoneti (Journalist - Author - Kako se homoseksualnost umešča v slovenski gledali)
Katja Markič (Journalist - Author - Možnost manifesta)
Urša Menart (Journalist - Author - O čem razmišljam, ko razmišljam o ideji filma)
Žiga Virc (Journalist - Author - Se ne da)
Voranc Ukmar (Journalist - Author - Gledališče v političnem metafore)
Jakob Ribič (Editorial Board Member)
Dorian Šilec Petek (Editorial Board Member)
Gaja Naja Rojec (Editorial Board Member)
Tery Žeželj (Editorial Board Member)
Jernej Potočan (Editorial Board Member)
Eva Černe (Designer)
Nina Ramšak (Editor-in-Chief)
Kubelj d. o. o. (Printer)
Eva Černe (Creative Design Author)
loan status: in place

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Rouben Mamoulian (8.10.1897-4.12.1987)
Matjaž Klopčič (4.12.1934-15.12.2007)

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