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Oderuh 2006/2007, poletni semester (2007)

shelf mark: 4516
Published in: Oderuh - ISSN 1854-7559 - Year 1, No. 2, p. 1-40.
Article Web Search: Cobiss-si
archive: CTF Archives
item type: playbill
borrowing policy: confined
Opombe:Maj 2007
Denis Poniž (Mentor)
Barbara Orel (Mentor)
Katarina Podbevšek (Language Consultant)
Boris Bezić (Photographer)
Rajko Mahkovic (Photographer)
Željko Stevanić IFP (Photographer)
Žiga Virc (Photographer)
Barbara Zemljič (Photographer)
Vesna Hauschild (Editor)
Eva Mahkovic (Editor - članica uredniškega odbora)
Staša Bračič (Editor - članica uredniškega odbora)
UL AGRFT (Publisher)
loan status: in place

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