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Spirited Away (2023)
Slepci (2023)
Grmače (2023)
Kralj na Betajnovi - pot J. Kantorja (2023)
Gospodična Julija (2023)

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A8413 - Fotoportret (2018, photograph)
A8412 - Fotoportret - Umaknjen (2018, photograph)
A8411 - Fotoportret - Ne samo blues (2018, photograph)
A8410 - Fotoportret (2018, photograph)
A8409 - Fotoportret (2018, photograph)

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Brothers Karamazov, The (feature film, 1958)
Confussion des sentiments, La (feature film, 1980)
Devil's Disciple (TV drama, 1987)
Don Juan (theatre production, 1965)
Fröken Julie (feature film, 1951)
Hedda Gabler (television fiction feature, 1993)
Iskanja (feature film, 1979)
Izlet (short fiction, 2002)
Kaspar Hauser - Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle (feature film, 1974)
Kauffmann von Venedig, Der (television fiction feature, 1968)
King Lear (television fiction feature, 1983)
Konjiček (short fiction, 1986)
Marat/Sade (theatre production, 1967)
Miczaca gwiazda / Der Schweigende Stern (feature film, 1959)
O človeku, ki je izgubil prepričanje (radio play, 2009)
Otello (feature film, 1955)
Phantom (feature film, 1922)
Praznovanje pomladi (feature film, 1978)
Pride & Prejudice (feature film, 2005)
Puške gospe Carrar (TV drama, 2006)
Reine Margot, La (feature film, 1954)
Richard III. (feature film, 1955)
Sabajev (short fiction, 1992)
Solzice (short fiction, 2004)
Spinnennetz, Das (feature film, 1989)
Tantadruj (TV movie, 1994)
Višnjovi sad (feature film, 1993)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (feature film, 1966)

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On This Day
Georges Bizet (25.10.1838-3.6.1875)
Mira Neffat-Danilova (3.6.1899-3.2.1979)
Roberto Rossellini (8.5.1906-3.6.1977)
Anthony Quinn (21.4.1915-3.6.2001)
Alain Resnais (3.6.1922-1.3.2014)
Mina Jeraj (3.6.1927-1.2.2012)

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