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Last Entries
Peyzazh (2003)
Predstavlenie (2008)
Un Jour Pina a demandé... (1983)
Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
Us (2019)

New Archive Items
A995 - "Slovenec" o filmu v letih 1936 do II. svet. vojne (seminar - excercises)
A1505 - Aleksander Nevski: Analiza prizora bitke na ledu (seminar - excercises)
A1251 - Želimir Žilnik: Rani radovi (seminar - excercises)
A1250 - Jean-Luc Goddard: Pierrot le fou (seminar - excercises)
A3607 - Lojze Rozman - Igralec (2002, graduation thesis)

Most Wanted
Soljaris (1972)
Late Quartet, A (2012)
Andrej Rubljov (1966)
Schindler's List (1993)
Nuovo cinema Paradiso (1989)

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Prešernovo gledališče Kranj

Nora (1993, Production Company)
Kralj na Betajnovi (1994, Production Company)
Zlata čeveljčka (1995, Production Company)
Prevara / Betrayal (1995, Production Company)
Striček Vanja (1997, Production Company)
O tem se ne govori / Darüber spricht man nicht (1997, Production Company)
Arhitekt in asirski cesar (1998, Production Company)
Eksplozija spomina 3 (1999, Production Company)
Županova Micka (2001, Production Company)
Zabava za rojstni dan / The Birthday Party (2003, Production Company)
Nora Nora (2004, Production Company)
Pastirica in dimnikar (2005, Production Company)
Blazno resno slavni (2006, Production Company)
Muca copatarica (2008, Production Company)
Blazno resno o seksu (2009, Production Company)
Hlapci (2010, Co-Production Company)
Zaprta vrata (2011, Production Company)
25.671 (2013, Production Company)
Mrtvec pride po ljubico (2014, Production Company)
Zlata ribica (2018, Co-Production Company)
Miroslav (2018, Co-Production Company)
Polmrak (2018, Co-Production Company)

Items to borrow from AGRFT Archives:
A6909 - Med srcem in glavo (, Production Company)
A7055 - 48. Teden slovenske drame (catalogue, Producer)

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On This Day
Georges Méliès (8.12.1861-21.1.1938)
Georges Feydeau (8.12.1862-5.6.1921)
Stevo Žigon (8.12.1926-28.12.2005)

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