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Grizzly Man (2005)
Aviator, The (2004)
Chi-Raq (2015)
Waga seišun ni kuinaši (1946)
Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il (1966)

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Norman McLaren (1914-1987)

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Perdriole, La (Animator, Director)
Animated Sound Test (Director, Animator, Composer)
Synthetic Music Experiments (Composer)
Surrealistic Hand Drawing (Animator, Director)
Pen Drawings (Director, Animator)
Hypnosis Film, The (Director, Animator)
Pas de Deux - Test (Animator, Director)
Doors (Director, Animator)
7 Till 5 (1933, Director, Animator)
Camera Makes Whoopee (1935, Animator, Director)
Polychrome Fantasy (1935, Director, Animator)
Hell Unlimited (1936, Director)
Book Bargain (1937, Director)
News for the Navy (1937, Director)
Mony a Pickle (1938, Director)
Obedient Flame, The (1939, Director)
Love on the Wing (1939, Director, Animator)
NBC Valentine Greeting (1939, Animator, Director)
Sherzo (1939, Director, Animator, Composer)
Mclaren At Play (1940, Animator, Director)
Out-Of-Focus Cloudspace (1940, Director, Animator)
Little Negro (1940, Animator, Director)
Boogie-Doodle (1940, Director, Animator)
Dots (1940, Animator, Director)
Loops (1940, Director, Animator)
Stars And Stripes / Étoiles et bandes (1940, Animator, Director)
Chaplin Test (1940, Director, Animator)
Spook Sport (1940, Director)
Mail Early (1941, Director, Animator)
V for Victory (1941, Director, Animator)
July 4th 1941 (1941, Director)
Hen Hop (1942, Director, Animator)
5 for 4 (1942, Animator, Director)
Barrel Zoom (1943, Director, Animator)
Hoppity Pop (1943, Animator, Director)
Snakes (1943, Director, Animator)
Dollar Dance (1943, Director)
Dans un petit Bois (1943, Animator, Director)
Alouette (1944, Director)
C'est l'aviron (1944, Animator, Director)
Là-haut sur ces montagnes - Test (1944, Director, Animator)
Wook, The (1944, Animator, Director)
Keep Your Mouth Shut (1944, Director, Animator)
Head Test, The (1944, Director, Animator)
Tanguy Landscape Test (1944, Animator, Narrator, Director)
Là-haut sur ces montagnes (1945, Director, Animator)
Little Phantasy on a 19th-century Painting, A (1946, Animator, Director)
Poulette grise, La (1947, Director, Animator)
Poulette grise, La - Test (1947, Director, Animator)
Fiddle-de-dee (1947, Animator, Director)
Merle, Le - Tests and Outtakes (1948, Animator, Director)
Begone Dull Care (1949, Director)
Summer Day in Ottawa in 1949..., A (1949, Featured, Director)
Corridor, The (1950, Portrayee)
Pen Point Percussion (1951, Director, Featured, Composer, Animator)
On the Farm (1951, Director)
Neighbours / Sosedje (1952, Director, Composer, Animator)
Phantasy, A (1952, Animator, Director)
Two Bagatelles (1952, Director)
Window On Canada No. 29 - Excerpt 1 (1954, Featured)
Window On Canada No. 29 - Excerpt 2 (1954, Featured)
Window On Canada No. 29 - Excerpt 3 (1954, Featured)
1-2-3 (1955, Director, Animator)
Blinkity Blank (1955, Animator, Composer, Director)
Rythmetic (1956, Director)
Blurr Test (1956, Director)
Chairy Tale, A / Stolasta pravljica (1957, Animator, Director)
Chairy Tale, A - Alternate Ending (1957, Director, Animator)
Chairy Tale, A - Tests and Outtakes (1957, Animator, Director)
Workshop Experiments in Animated Sound (1957, Animator, Composer, Director)
Merle, Le / Blackbird (1958, Director, Animator)
Merle Rehearses, Le (1958, Animator, Composer, Director)
Mail Early For Christmas (1959, Director, Animator)
Serenal (1959, Animator, Director)
Short And Suite (1959, Director, Animator)
Lines Vertical (1960, Director)
Bounce Film (1960, Director, Animator)
Six and Seven-Eights (1960, Director)
Flicker Film, The (1961, Director, Animator)
New York Lightboard (1961, Animator, Director)
New York Lightboard Record (1961, Director, Animator)
Experimental Film - Excerpt (1961, Featured)
McLaren Par Jutra - Cinema Canadien (1961, Portrayee)
Pinscreen Tests (1961, Director)
Norman McLaren's Opening Speech (1961, Director, Featured, Animator)
Lines Horizontal (1962, Director)
Christmas Cracker (1963, Director)
Christmas Cracker: McLaren's Contribution (1963, Director)
Canon (1964, Director)
Canon - Test (1964, Director)
Mosaic (1965, Director)
Seasons, The (1966, Animator, Director)
Birdlings (1967, Animator, Director)
Pas de Deux (1968, Animator, Director)
Korean Alphabet (1968, Participating)
Spheres (1969, Director)
The Eye Hears, the Ear Sees (1970, Featured)
Synchromy (1971, Animator, Composer, Director)
Test A dor Synchromy (1971, Composer, Animator, Director)
Test B dor Synchromy (1971, Animator, Composer, Director)
Ballet Adagio (1972, Director, Animator)
Pinscreen (1973, Director, Featured)
Animated Motion: Part 1 (1976, Director)
Animated Motion: Part 2 (1977, Director)
Animated Motion: Part 3 (1977, Director)
Animated Motion: Part 4 (1977, Director)
Animated Motion: Part 5 (1978, Director)
McLaren on McLaren (1983, Portrayee, Featured)
Narcissus (1983, Animator, Director)
Narcissus - Test (1983, Director, Animator)
Cinema de Notre Temps (2001, Portrayee)
Making of Mosaic, The (2004, Animator, Director)
René Jodoin (2005, Featured)
Art Of Motion, The (2005, Featured)
Evelyn Lambart (2005, Featured)
Surrealism (2005, Portrayee)
War and Peace (2005, Featured)
Animator as Musician, The (2005, Featured)
Paper Cut-outs (2005, Subject of discussion)
Beginnings (2005, Portrayee)
McLaren and Space (2005, Portrayee)
Painting with Light (2005, Portrayee)
Dance (2005, Portrayee)
Vincent Warren (2005, Featured)
Grant Munro (2005, Featured)

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