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Espíritu de la colmena, El (1973)
Abschied von gestern (1966)
Painting with Light (2007)
Gendarme de Saint-Tropez, Le (1964)
Gendarme a New York, Le (1965)

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V27389 ()
V27387 (DVD)
V27388 (DVD)
V27381 (Blu-ray disc)
V27382 (Blu-ray disc)

Most Wanted
Année dernière à Marienbad, L' (1961)
Circus Fantasticus (2010)
Professione: Reporter (1975)
Blade Runner (1982)
Grande bellezza, La (2013)

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Cankarjev dom

Smrad opera (1982, Production Company)
Romeo in Julija (1983, Production Company)
Strah in pogum (1984, Production Company)
Svetloba maternice (1986, Production Company)
Kožo z obraza ali Ljubezen je nebeška moč (1987, Production Company)
Helios (1988, Co-Producer)
Brigade lepote (1990, Production Company)
Pot / Path, The (1991, Co-Producer)
Kralj Lear (1992, Co-Production Company)
Na 3eh straneh neba / On 3ree Sides of Heaven (1997, Co-Production Company)
Homo Erectus / Homo Erectus (2000, Co-Production Company)
Zbogom, princ (2001, Production Company)
Proslava ob dnevu državnosti (2001, Production Company)
Peskar (2002, Production Company)
Phantom / Phantom (2003, Co-Production Company)
Raztrganci / Učenci in učitelji (2007, Production Company)
Takt (2009, Co-Production Company)
Prijateljici za vedno (2012, Production Company)
Julij Cezar / The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (2012, Realisation)
Skušnja (2013, Participating)
Berenika / Bérénice (2014, Participating)
Tik pred revolucijo: Mladost (2014, Co-Production Company)
Avtorski projekt: Uspeh (2014, Co-Production Company)
Igra o antikristu / Oratorij po Mariborski Nadškofiji (2014, Production Company)
Krhanje lepote / Abrasion of Beauty (2015, Co-Producer)
Iliada (2015, Production Company)
Džroazanmo (2016, Co-Production Company)
Murlin Murlo (2017, Co-Production Company)
Modra (2017, Co-Production Company)
Mlada umetniška beseda (2017, Co-Production Company)
Literarni večer mlade umetniške besede (2017, Participating)
Vojna in mir (2017, Co-Production Company)
Zimska pravljica / The Winter's Tale (2018, Participating)
Hlapec Jernej in njegova pravica (2018, Production Company)

Items to borrow from AGRFT Archives:
A4620 - Odzivi na Krst pod Triglavom gledališča Sester Scipion Nasice (seminar - student paper, Co-Producer)
A4619 - Krst pod Triglavom (seminar - student paper, Co-Producer)
A4922 - Brigade lepote (seminar - excercises, Subject of discussion)
A4826 - Evripid: Helena (leaflet, Publisher)
A5732 - Zadet pravi čas (poster, Designer)
A5733 - Zadet pravi čas - mali (poster, Designer)
A5734 - Zadet pravi čas - letak (leaflet, Designer)
A5735 - Gledališki list - Zadet pravi čas (playbill, Publisher)
A5764 - Julij Cezar - Cankarjev dom (playbill, Publisher)

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