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Yiddish King Lear, The (1935)
Tevya (1939)
Overture to Glory (1940)
Americaner Shadchen (1940)
Much Ado About Nothing (1984)

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V28139 - Jewish Soul, The - disc 3 (Blu-ray disc)
V28138 - Jewish Soul, The - disc 2 (Blu-ray disc)
V28137 - Jewish Soul, The - disc 1 (Blu-ray disc)
V28135 - Season 4, disc 1 (DVD)
V28136 - Season 4, disc 2 (DVD)

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Roman Uranjek

Ženini / Bridegrooms (2008, Featured)
Glasba je časovna umetnost 3, LP film Laibach / Music is the Art of Time 3: LP film Laibach (2018, Featured)
Uvod v Krst pri Savici (2021, Set Designer)

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On This Day
Jane Austen (16.12.1775-18.7.1817)
Jean Negulesco (26.2.1900-18.7.1993)
Dušan Povh (27.3.1921-18.7.2000)
Richard Leacock (18.7.1921-23.3.2011)
Edward Bond (18.7.1934-)
Paul Verhoeven (18.7.1938-)
Boris Jurjaševič (18.7.1955-)

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Nagrada za najboljšo predstavo po izboru občinstva
Na 5. Festivalu FUGA, ki je potekal od 10. do 15. julija 2024 v Kopru, ...