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prazen (2024)
Strindberg med genialnostjo in norostjo (2024)
Figurae Veneris Historiae (2024)
Težka voda (2024)
Preobrazba (2024)

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V28100 (DVD)
V28040 (Blu-ray disc)
A8685 - Shakespeare prizori - foto negativ ČB (1996, photograph (negative) BW)
A8684 - Prizori- foto negativ ČB (1996, photograph (negative) BW)
A8683 - OS. Glasilo OO ZSMS in ZBORA ŠTUDENTOV AGRFT, št. 2/3, l. 2, 81/82 (1982, )

Most Wanted
Piano, The (1993)
Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988)
Mujeres alborde de un ataque de nervios (1988)
Beau travail (1999)
Sanma no aji (1962)

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Reni Babič

Kar pustim, ostane: foto seta 1 - Zavrti me: Ekipa -

Note (in Slovenian): snemanje (I. stopnja)

Čakalnica (2019, Director, Screenwriter, Film Editor, Actor, Cameraman)
Zavrti me / Spin Me (2020, Screenwriter, Director of Photography)
Kje se bom zbudil jutri? / Where will I wake up tomorrow? (2021, Director of Photography, Color Grading)
Soseda / Neighbours (2021, Curator)
In je ostala noč / And the Night Remained (2021, Assistant Cameraman)
Kar pustim, ostane / What I Leave, Remains (2022, Assistant Cameraman, Focus Puller)
Stanovanje 33 / Apartment 33 (2022, Director of Photography, Vision control)
Punjene paprike / Stuffed Peppers (2022, Director of Photography, Cameraman, Colorist)
Konfrontacija podzavesti / Confrontation With the Subconscious (2022, Director, Screenwriter, Director of Photography)
Daljne njive / Faraway Fields (2022, Assistant Cameraman, Focus Puller)
Gnida / Scum (2022, Photographer)
Debeluška (2022, Assistant Light Designer, Camera Operator)

Items to borrow from AGRFT Archives:
A7503 - Sprejem (admission project documentarion, Author)
A8426 - Fotoportret (photograph, Author)

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On This Day
Giovanni Fusco (10.10.1906-31.5.1986)
Jean Rouch (31.5.1917-18.2.2004)
Tone Mlakar (31.5.1921-12.11.2020)
Clint Eastwood (31.5.1930-)
Rainer Werner Fassbinder (31.5.1945-10.6.1982)

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