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Zadnji utrip (1999)
Anina provizija (2016)
Duhec (2012)
Berenika (2000)
August Rush (2007)

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V24470 (DVD)
V24468 (DVD)
V24469 (DVD)
V24467 (DVD)
V24465 - Celoten film (DVD)

Most Wanted
Splav meduze (1980)
Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975)
Streetcar Named Desire, A (1951)
Beguiled, The (2017)
Veter v mreži (1989)

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Martin Turk

Martin_Turk_2002 -

Prizori: Ibsen, Miller (1987, Featured)
Konec / Sprejem FTV TURK 98 (1998, Director)
Noe, Noe (1999, Realisation)
Muha-ha-ha (1999, Script Supervisor)
Dvakrat na teden / Twice a Week (2000, Director, Screenwriter)
Zanamci (2000, Assistant)
Arkadija / Arcadia (2000, Director)
Igra pred kamero FTV 2001 / Prizori Di 00-01 (2001, Director)
Oblak / Cloud, The (2001, Director, Screenwriter)
Maska / Mask, The (2001, Director)
Nasvidenje ljubezen (2001, Director, Set Designer, Costume Designer)
Modra soba / The Blue Room (2001, Director)
Zlati prsti / Golden Fingers (2001, Director, Screenwriter)
To je to (2001, Director)
Hamlet (2001, Adaptation by)
Portorož 2002 / AGRFT tv etide 2002 (2002, Participating, Participating)
Na čakanju / Waiting (2002, Screenwriter)
Izlet / The Excursion (2002, Director, Screenwriter)
Klara / Klara (2002, Director)
portret Turk Martin AGRFT / intervju TVS "Obzorja" 6.2.2003 (2003, Featured)
Rezina življenja / A slice of life (2006, Director, Screenwriter)
Štiri skice za portret Janeza Drozga (2008, Featured)
Vsakdan ni vsak dan / Every Day Is Not The Same (2008, Director, Screenwriter)
Soba 408 / Room No. 408 (2009, Director, Screenwriter)
Nahrani me z besedami / Feed Me With Your Words (2012, Director, Screenwriter)
Smeh (2015, Featured)

Prešernova nagrada UL (2003, Prešernove nagrade UL )
Nagrada za najboljšo selekcijo filmov (2001, 3. International Student Film Festival Beograd)
Prešernova nagrada za režijo (2002, Prešernove nagrade UL AGRFT)
Prešernova nagrada za režijo (2002, Prešernove nagrade UL AGRFT)
Prešernova nagrada za režijo (2002, Prešernove nagrade UL AGRFT)
Award for the best Student Short Fiction Film (2003, GoEast, 3. Film Festival of Central and Eastern European Film)
Grand Prix (2003, 25. Festival International du cinema Mediterraneen, Montpellier)
Award of Audience (2003, 25. Festival International du cinema Mediterraneen, Montpellier)
Award of Young Jury (2003, 25. Festival International du cinema Mediterraneen, Montpellier)
Special Jury Award (2003, 6. European Festival of Film Schools, Bologna)

Items to borrow from AGRFT Archives:
A685 - Zlati prsti (seminar - screenplay, Paper Author)
A802 - Modra soba (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A801 - Glasbena točka (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A804 - Hamlet (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A806 - Maska (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A805 - Klara (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)

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