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Ocean Waif, The (1916)
Matrimony's Speed Limit (1913)
Algie, the Miner (1912)
Greater Love Hath No Man (1911)
Girl in the Arm-Chair, The (1912)

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V27576 (Blu-ray disc)
V27575 - Disc 2 (Blu-ray disc)
V27574 - Disc 1 (Blu-ray disc)
A8133 - Miklavž prihaja - fotografije B (1996, photograph)
A8132 - PRAZEN (2022, )

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Florijan Skubic

Che Sara: filmska ekipa 1 - Che Sara: filmska ekipa 5 -

Ko bom jaz umrl, bo en majhen pogreb / When I Die, It Will Be a Small Funeral (2002, Director, Screenwriter)
Vlažnost 81% / Humidity 81% (2003, Assistant Director)
Addiction / Addiction (2003, Director)
Stebri družbe 1 (2003, Director)
Electric cute / Electic cute (2003, Director)
C'est la vie / C'est la vie (2004, Director, Screenwriter)
Hlapci / The Miniors (2004, Director)
Pa tako lep dan / Day Dreamer (2004, Director)
Podganar / The Ratman (2004, Director)
Postrvin kvintet (2004, Director)
Brucka v Ljubljani (2004, Realisation)
Postrvin koncert (2005, Realisation)
Latino groove (2005, Realisation)
Flaša resnice (2005, Director)
Ko naju več ne bo / When the Two of Us Are Gone (2005, Director, Screenwriter)
Raj je raj na Rock otočcu / Paradise is Paradise on Rock Otocec (2005, Director, Screenwriter)

Vesna za najboljši kratki film (2003, 6. Festival Slovenskega filma)
Vesna za najboljši študentski film (2003, 6. Festival Slovenskega filma)
Nagrada Jože Babič (2005, Nagrada Jože Babič)

Items to borrow from AGRFT Archives:
A5790 - Ko naju več ne bo (project documentation, Author)
A4103 - Stebri družbe (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A4104 - Fetisha (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A5670 - C'est la vie (shooting script, Author)
A4092 - Pa tako lep dan (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A4093 - Pa tako lep dan (seminar - screenplay, Paper Author)
A4094 - Hlapci (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A4095 - Hlapci (seminar - screenplay, Paper Author)
A4096 - Podganar (seminar - shooting script, Paper Author)
A4097 - Podganar (seminar - screenplay, Paper Author)
A7516 - TVR IV. (project documentation, Author)

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