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View From Space, The: A Message of Peace (2006)
Ljudožerci (2020)
Roberto Zucco (2020)
Pesjedivščina: Moja pasja dogodivščina (2020)
Hong gao liang (1987)

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V26261 (DVD)
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Most Wanted
Dersu Uzala (1975)
Dr. No (1962)
Laviamoci il cervello - RoGoPaG (1963)
Parsifal (1982)
Posledice (2018)

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Sidney Lumet (1924-2011)

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12 Angry Men / Dvanajst jeznih mož (1957, Director)
Fugitive Kind, The (1959, Director)
Long Day's Journey Into Night / Dolgega dne potovanje v noč (1962, Director)
Deadly Affair, The / Smrtna past (1966, Director)
Appointment, The / Zmenek (1969, Director)
Gobettween, The / Ljubezenski sel (1971, Director)
Serpico / Serpico (1973, Director)
Murder On the Orient Express / Umor na Orient Expressu (1974, Director)
Dog Day Afternoon / Pasje popoldne (1975, Director)
Network (1976, Director)
Equus / Equus (1977, Director)
Verdict, The / Razsodba (1982, Director)
Morning After, The / Jutro zatem (1986, Director)
Running on Empty (1988, Director)
Family Business / Družinski posli (1989, Director)
Stranger Among Us, A / Od tod do raja (1992, Director)
Critical Care / Nujna oskrba (1997, Director)
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007, Director)

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On This Day
Ernst Lubitsch (28.1.1892-30.11.1947)
Astrid Lindgren (14.11.1907-28.1.2002)
František Vláčil (19.2.1924-28.1.1999)

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