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Quatromeron - Pogovor po premieri (2020)
Balet I (2020)
AKTV 19. 4. 2018 (2018)
We Go Together (2018)
Last Strike (2018)

New Archive Items
A7571 - Vaje pri prof. Galetu (1970, seminar - excercises)
A7570 - Vaje pri prof. Galetu (1970, seminar - excercises)
A7569 - Vaje pri prof. Galetu (1970, seminar - excercises)
A7568 - Oglarska sekira (1972, project documentation)
A7567 - CO2+H2O=H2CO3 (1972, synopsis)

Most Wanted
Casanova di Federico Fellini, Il (1976)
Maja in vesoljček (1988)
Incendies (2010)
Pojdi z mano (2016)
Pozabljeni zaklad (2002)

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Oliver Stone (1946-)

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Scarface / Brazgotinec (1983, Screenwriter)
Salvador (1986, Director, Screenwriter)
Platoon (1986, Director)
Wall Street (1987, Director)
First Works / Prva dela (1989, Participating)
Born On the 4th Of July / Rojen četrtega julija (1989, Director)
JFK / JFK (1991, Director)
Doors, The (1991, Director, Screenwriter)
Heaven & Earth / Nebo in zemlja (1993, Director)
Natural Born Killers (1994, Director)
U Turn / Popolni preobrat (1997, Director)
Looking for Fidel / Na sledi Fidelu (2004, Director, Narrator)
Alexander / Aleksander (2004, Director, Screenwriter)
Influence and Appreciation: Taxi Driver (2007, Featured)

Items to borrow from AGRFT Archives:
A658 - Natural Born Killers (seminar - student paper, Subject of discussion)
A663 - Motivika živali v filmu Natural Born Killers (seminar - student paper, Subject of discussion)

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On This Day
Alfred Hitchcock (13.8.1899-29.4.1980)
Robert Krasker (13.8.1913-16.8.1981)

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