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Marija Millas

Komedija zmešnjav -

Note (in Slovenian): Marija Milkovič Marika Milkovič

Komedija zmešnjav / The Comedy of Errors (1969, Director)
Dona Diana / Desdén con el desdén (1969, Director)
Maja (1970, Director, Screenwriter, Film Editor)
Francoske kraljice / Queens of France (1970, Director)
Vladimir Skrbinšek (1971, Director, Screenwriter)
Starinar (1973, Director, Screenwriter, Film Editor)
Hiša Marije Pomočnice (1975, Director, Screenwriter)
Ne/znani oder 21.10.98 (1998, Participating)

Items to borrow from AGRFT Archives:
A998 - SLOVENEC /6. april 1941 - 4. maj 1945/ (seminar - excercises, Author)
A910 - Sedmi pečat (admission paper, Paper Author)
A63 - Maja (project documentation, Author)
A1123 - Vatroslav Mimica: Ponedeljek ali torek (seminar - excercises, Author)
A1097 - Knut Hamsun: GLAD (seminar - excercises, Author)
A1196 - Vzpon poljskega filma po vojni (seminar - student paper, Paper Author)
A7305 - Vladimir Skrbinšek (project documentation, Author)
A1454 - Hiša Marije Pomočnice (project documentation, Author)
A1561 - Balada o Sanji (screenplay, Author)
A1396 - Dekliški trakovi (project documentation, Director)
A1396 - Starinar (project documentation, Author)
A1922 - TV drame v letu 1963 (seminar - student paper, Paper Author)

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