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Trenje (2019)
Preteklost (2019)
Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
Star Is Born, A (2018)
Moji obrazi (2003)

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V25819 (DVD)
V25864 (DVD)
V25863 (DVD)
V25862 (DVD)
V25861 (DVD)

Most Wanted
Shoah (1985)
Padenie dinastiji Romanovih (1927)
Experiment, Das (2001)
Jupiter holdja (2017)
Comizi d'amore (1964)

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Dafne Jemeršić

Vivere / Vivere (1997, Film Editor)
Noč v hotelu / Night in a Hotel (1998, Film Editor)
Rop stoletja / Robbery of the Century, The (1998, Film Editor)
Oglas / Personal (1998, Film Editor)
Vrt / Garden, The (1999, Film Editor)
Kaj bi še rad? / The Ultimate Guide for Bachelors (1999, Film Editor)
Figurae veneris / Figuae Veneris (2000, Film Editor)
Milagros / Milagros (2000, Film Editor)
Oda Prešernu / Ode To The Poet (2001, Film Editor)
Tiigra (2001, Film Editor)
Ljubljana / Ljubljana (2002, Film Editor)
Elektro-Orson / Elektro-Orson (2003, Film Editor)
Srce je kos mesa / Heart Is a Piece of Meat, The (2003, Film Editor)

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On This Day
Paul Schrader (22.7.1946-)
Bojan Emeršič (22.7.1963-)

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