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Bojim se zaspati (2010)

I'm Afraid To Sleep
Bojim se zaspati - Kaja - Bojim se zaspati - Omara - Bojim se zaspati - Omara - Bojim se zaspati - Psi - Bojim se zaspati - Rešetke -
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 8min 45s
Original project format: Betacam SP, colour, stereo
language: Slovenian
TV etude
an AGRFT student production/project
3. year 2009/2010 TVR III.

Summary:The TV monolog speaks of a girl persecuted by nightmares, so it does not dare to sleep. The girl directly and openly reveal their biggest fears. They interpreted through symbols, as reflected in her dreams, but also describes the more realistic fears and complexes, which are realistic and touching other people of its reality or events experienced by themselves and are subjected to the toughest and darkness life.
Opombe:Televizijski monolog. Posneto po literarni predlogi "Who will carry the word?" avtorice Charlotte Delbo z RA-3. Niso urejene avtorske pravice za predvajanje.
Jaka Šuligoj (Director)
Jaka Šuligoj (Screenwriter)
Kaya Tokuhisa (Actor, Taboriščnica)
Igor Šmid (Mentor)
Charlotte Delbo (Playwright)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Jožica Šmid (Producer)
Tatjana Kortnik (Set Designer)
Saška Jenič (Script Supervisor)
Luka Dragović (Organizer - RTV Slovenija)
Petra Hartman (Make-Up Artist)
Marko Naberšnik (Assist. Mentor)
Dominik Mencej (Assistant Director)
RTV Slovenija (Co-Production Company)

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Units in AGRFT Archive:
A5407 - TVR III. (CD-ROM, confined)
A5409 - Bojim se zaspati (screenplay, confined)
A5410 - Bojim se zaspati (shooting script, confined)
A5411 - Bojim se zaspati (project documentation, confined)

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