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Klic v sili (2010)

Emergency Call
Klic v sili - Na tleh - Klic v sili - Sveča - Klic v sili - Tina pr oknu - Klic v sili - Zrcalo -
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 10min 51s
Original project format: DVcam, colour
language: Slovak
TV etude
an AGRFT student production/project
3. year 2009/2010 TVR III.

Summary:“Klic v sili”/”Emergency call” is a short monologue of a women (TINA), which calls a radio show in order to ease her conscience. Tina had a neighbor (ŽANA), which had night for night just cleaned the flat. Because of the noise Tina couldn’t sleep and went to talk to her, and the noise stopped. This event has got quite a different weight, when Tina discovers that Ana committed suicide. The text speaks of missed opportunities, the moments in which a one can still help another one, but because of different situations and awareness of the consequences doesn’t make it.
Opombe:TV monolog.
Milan Urbajs (Director)
Tina Potočnik Vrhovnik (Actor)
Igor Šmid (Mentor - za TV režijo)
Aldo Kumar (Mentor - za zvok)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Jožica Blatnik (Producer)
Uroš Hočevar (Gaffer)
Urška Dolinar (Set Designer)
Samo Kozlevčar (Sound Designer)
Vesna Kačanski Badmus (Script Supervisor)
Petra Hartman (Make-Up Artist)
Uroš Hočevar (Cameraman)
Blaž Potokar (Cameraman)
Lucija Šiftar (Cameraman)
Marko Naberšnik (Assist. Mentor)
Marko Naberšnik (Assist. Mentor - za TV režijo)
Tosja Flaker Berce (Graphic Designer)
Peter Kačirek (Assistant Director)
Jurij Lukashevich (Technical Collaborator)
Tosja Flaker Berce (Vision Mixer)

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