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A7589 - Analiza in reinterpretacija vloge montažerja in montažnih procesov v slovenskem filmskem prostoru (2020, )
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Chambre 666 (1982)

Room 666
Country of Origin: France, Federal Republic of Germany
Length: 45min
References: IMDb
Original project format: 16mm, colour, comopt, mono
language: German

Summary:During the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Wenders asks a number of film directors from around the world to get, each one at a time, into a hotel room, turn on the camera and sound recorder, and, in solitude, answer a simple question: "What is the future of cinema?".
Wim Wenders (Director)
Michelangelo Antonioni (Featured)
Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Featured)
Jean-Luc Godard (Featured)
Werner Herzog (Featured)

Videotapes and DVDs available at Videoteka AGRFT:
in place 14363 - Wim Wenders' Documentaries (DVD, original - not available, with English subtitles)
on lend 14559 - Wim Wenders' Documentaries (DVD, on lend, with English subtitles)
in place 14560 - Wim Wenders' Documentaries (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 25554 (DVD, available, with English subtitles)

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Georges Bizet (25.10.1838-3.6.1875)
Pablo Picasso (25.10.1881-8.4.1973)
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Saša Miklavc (8.3.1926-25.10.2008)

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