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Stoji drevo (2009)

Dokumentarna oddaja o slovenskem sodobnem plesu
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 52min
Original project format: colour
language: Slovenian

Keywords/Index entries: Slovenian dance Contemporary Dance dance education
Magda Lapajne (Director)
Magda Lapajne (Screenwriter)
Vilma Rupnik (Screenwriter)
Robert Baron (Director of Photography)
Meta Vidmar (Portrayee)
Živa Kraigher (Portrayee, učenka Mete Vidmar)
Marta Paulin Schmidt (Portrayee, učenka Mete Vidmar)
Marija Vogelnik (Portrayee, učenka Mete Vidmar)
Lojzka Žerdin (Featured)
Jasna Knez (Featured)
Alenka Hain (Featured)
Katarina Čas (Featured)
Ana Stegnar (Featured)
Ksenija Hribar (Featured)
RTV Slovenija (Production Company)
Mojca Vilhar (Set Designer)
Svetlana Visintin (Costume Designer)
Ljubica Filipič (Participating, učenka Mete Vidmar)
Marija Sirnik Štolfa (Participating, učenka Mete Vidmar)
Maja Levstik (Participating, učenka Mete Vidmar)
Polonca Černe Plavšak (Participating, učenka Mete Vidmar)
Zlata Skrbinšek (Participating, učenka Mete Vidmar)
Breda Kroflič (Participating, učenka Mete Vidmar in Žive Kraigher)
Neja Kos (Participating, učenka Žive Kraigher)
Daliborka Podboj (Participating, učenka Žive Kraigher)
Vilma Rupnik (Participating, učenka Žive Kraigher)
Mira Voglar (Participating, učenka Marte Paulin)
Dragica Mavec (Participating, učenka Marte Paulin in Žive Kraigher)
Andreja Gjud (Participating, učenka Marte Paulin in Žive Kraigher)
Marija Ogrinec (Participating, učenka Marte Paulin in Žive Kraigher)
Nevenka Vrančič (Participating, učenka Marije Vogelnik)
Rudolf Laban (Subject of discussion)
Jacques Dalcroze (Subject of discussion)
Mary Wigman (Subject of discussion)
Bojan Adamič (Interviewee, korepetitior v šoli Mete Vidmar)
Leon Engelman (Interviewee, korepetitior v šoli Mete Vidmar)
Janez Lovše (Interviewee, korepetitior v šoli Mete Vidmar)
Živa Vidmar (Interviewee)
Malina Schmidt-Snoj (Interviewee)
Ivanka Mežan (Interviewee)
Pavel Goličnik (Interviewee)
Eka Vogelnik (Interviewee)
Blaž Šivic (Musical Advisor)

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