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Metropolis (1927)

Country of Origin: Germany
Length: 153min
References: IMDb
Original project format: 35mm, 1,33:1, black & white, nemi
feature film

Summary:It is the future, and humans are divided into two groups: the thinkers, who make plans (but don't know how anything works), and the workers, who achieve goals (but don't have the vision). Completely separate, neither group is complete, but together they make a whole. One man from the "thinkers" dares visit the underground where the workers toil, and is astonished by what he sees...
Opombe:Restavrirana različica leta 1995 Dolby Digital.
Fritz Lang (Director)
Alfred Abel (Actor, Johhan 'Joh' Fredersen)
Thea von Harbou (Writer - Author)

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Eddie Constantine (29.10.1913-25.2.1993)
Takashi Tokuhisa (29.10.1947-)
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