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Avgust (2013)

Avgust: foto 1 - Avgust: screen shot - Avgust: Set  - Scenarij za kratko TV dramo Avgust - Snemalna knjiga za kratko TV dramo Avgust -
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 21min
Original project format: IMX, 1,77:1, colour, stereo
language: Slovenian
short TV drama
an AGRFT student production/project
3. year 2012/2013 Television show implementation

Summary:"Avgust" is a story about Avgust, a railway employee in Ljubljana in the beggining of a 20th century. But most of it, it is a story about a strange day, the 19th of October in 1904, when Avgust met James Joyce and his girlfriend Nora Barnacle on a train station in Ljubljana. Couple changed his life forever. And vice versa.
Peter Hvalica (Director)
Peter Hvalica (Screenwriter)
Tina Potočnik Vrhovnik (Actor)
Robert Prebil (Actor)
Stane Tomazin (Actor)
Igor Šmid (Mentor - za režijo)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Jožica Šmid (Producer)
Edvard Grieg (Composer - Peer Gynt)
Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer - Sonata v mesečini)
Tatjana Kortnik (Set Designer)
Rosana Knavs (Costume Designer)
Petra Hartman (Make-Up Artist)
Klemen Dvornik (Assist. Mentor)
Aljaž Bastič (Assistant Director)
RTV Slovenija (Co-Production Company)

Videotapes and DVDs available at Videoteka AGRFT:
in place 18432 (DVD, original - not available)
in place 18433 (DVD, available)
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Units in AGRFT Archive:
A5945 - Avgust (project documentation, confined)
A6390 - Zveneče in tuje in vonjivo (, confined)

Festival Applications:
16. Festival slovenskega filma (2013, not accepted);

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