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Dialoge '99/II (2004)

Country of Origin: Germany
Length: 26min 30s
Original project format: colour
premiere date: 11.6.1999
dance theatre

Keywords/Index entries: dance Holocaust 2nd World War
Summary:Together with seventeen international dancers, the sound-artist Hans Peter Kuhn and the costume designer Bernd Skodzing, Sasha Waltz developed an intensely spatial choreography . The translated metaphors of Daniel Libeskind`s architecture appeared as if of real flesh and blood and the delicate subject of Holocaust was also reflected in the dance language of Sasha Waltz.One can hardly imagine a more exciting location for an interaction between dance and architecture. The result of the six-week rehearsal process could only be viewed by an extreme small audience, now finally the film offers the opportunity for a public worldwide to see this remarkable project. Realised one year before the official opening the performance offers the unique possibility to see the naked structure of Libeskind`s building. The footage of the filmmakers is the only existing one of this event. It was only possible to film 60 minutes during the general rehearsal. The result is a 26-minutes documentation, touching and visually striking.
Opombe:Lokacija: Judovski muzej v Berlinu.
Karin Kaper (Producer)
Dirk Szuszies (Producer)
Sasha Waltz (Choreographer)
Alexandra Bachzetsis (Dancer)
Julie Bougard (Dancer)
Davide Camplani (Dancer)
Nadia Cusimano (Dancer)
Lisa Densem (Dancer)
Juan Kruz (Dancer)
Diaz de Garaio Esnaola (Dancer)
Luc Dunberry (Dancer)
Alan Good (Dancer)
Nicola Mascia (Dancer)
Joakim NaBi Olsson (Dancer)
Virgis Puodziunas (Dancer)
Claudio de Serpa Soares (Dancer)
Takako Suzuki (Dancer)
Laurie Young (Dancer)
Maria Clara Villa-Lobos (Dancer)
Junko Wada (Dancer)
Sigal Zouk (Dancer)
Sasha Waltz (Concept Author)

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