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Gote in fiamme, Le (1967)

Country of Origin: Italy
Length: 3min
Original project format: 16mm, colour
language: Italian
short fiction

Keywords/Index entries: Italian Avant-gard Dada(Dadaism) Experimental Film
Summary:The texture of the film has a "pop" feel via the use of a halftone screene (similar to that of the comic strip images of pop art iconography). Repeatedly stripping naked only to get dressed again in various ladies' or men's clothes, Daniela Chiaperotti alternately accessorizes each new "look" with a revolver, an umbrella or a yo-yo. Nespolo described this film as his "first attempt at what I call magic-poetry".
Ugo Nespolo (Director)

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in place 20348 (DVD, original - not available, with English subtitles)

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