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Sestreljeni (2017)

Stricken, The
Sestreljeni - Foto 1: Pisma - Sestreljeni - Foto 2: Polet - Sestreljeni - Foto 3: Rožna dolina - Sestreljeni - Foto 4: Rožna dolina - Sestreljeni - Foto 5: Sanje - Sestreljeni - Foto 6: Spomin - Sestreljeni - Foto 7: Skrb - Sestreljeni - Foto 8: Sprehod - Sestreljeni - Foto 10: Snemanje - Sestreljeni - Foto 11: Snemanje - Sestreljeni - Foto 9: Matic Štamcar - Filmi na obzorju - Scenarij za kratki dokumentarni film Sestreljeni - Snemalna knjiga za kratki dokumentarni film Sestreljeni -
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 25min 7s
Original project format: DCP (2K), 1,85:1, colour, stereo
language: Slovenian
short documentary
an AGRFT student production/project
2. year 2016/2017 Documentary film implementation

Summary:Focusing on a personal story of a family who lost a beloved person, a husband and a father during a shooting-down incident of an unarmed helicopter, occurring on the official first day of a ten-day armed combat for independent Slovenia in 1991, the film is a reflection on a transience of life, search for truth, love and the consequences of the decisions, which mark the future.
Opombe:Izv. zapis zvoka je 5.1 surround sound in stereo. Snemano 14. 12. 2016, 15., 16., 23., 27. januarja, 7. februar 2017 (Horjul, Lesce). Zvok je bil obdelan v 100 d.o.o.
Matic Štamcar (Director)
Matic Štamcar (Screenwriter)
Sara Ivanov (Director of Photography)
Saša Škulj (Film Editor)
Olga Toni (Mentor - za montažo slike in zvoka)
Jožica Šmid (Mentor - za produkcijo)
Jan Zakonjšek (Mentor - za režijo)
Matjaž Ivanišin (Mentor - za scenaristiko)
Valentin Perko (Mentor - za snemanje)
Emilija Mrlak (Featured)
Tomaž Mrlak (Featured)
Breda Mrlak (Featured)
Lovro Mrlak (Featured)
Svit Mrlak (Featured)
Jože Bitenc (Featured)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Žan Žveplan (Producer)
Jožica Šmid (Producer - UL AGRFT)
Nina Robnik (Producer - UL AGRFT)
Jaka Bombač (Translator)
Samo Jurca (Sound Designer)
Saša Škulj (Photographer - scenska)
Miha Rudolf (Sound Recordist)
Sara Ivanov (Cameraman)
Saša Škulj (Cameraman - 2. kamere)
Saša Škulj (Graphic Designer)
Matic Štamcar (Graphic Designer)
Andi Koglot (Film Music Composer)
Teo Rižnar (Consultant - za barvno in svetlobno korekcijo slike)
Sara Ivanov (Color Grading)

Units in AGRFT Archive:
A6894 - Sestreljeni (project documentation, confined)
A7060 - Filmi na obzorju (poster, original - not available)

Festival Applications:
20. Festival slovenskega filma (2017, not in competition); Skomrahi 2017 (2017, special screening); Ziferblat - AGRFT filmski večeri (10. 12. 2017) (2017, special screening); Teden Univerze v Ljubljani - Projekcija kratkih igranih in dokumentarnih filmov študentov UL AGRFT (2017, special screening); Nagrada Združenja filmskih snemalcev Slovenije - IRIS 2017 (2018, not accepted); MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival 2018 (2018, applied); Slovenska Kinoteka - Dokumentarni filmi AGRFT (2018, special screening); Klub Ajdovskih študentov in dijakov - Kinodejka, Večer kratkih filmov (2018, special screening); Mednarodni festival dokumentarnega filma DOKUDOC (2018, in competition); Pula Film Festival (2018, not accepted); International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima 2018 (2018, applied); Sarajevo Film Festival (2018, not accepted);

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