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A7555 - Medeja skozi čas (2018, seminar - student paper)
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A7553 - Labirint internetne klepetalnice kot prostor hibridne (2018, seminar - student paper)
V26515 (DVD)
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Aviator, The (2004)
C'era una volta il West (1968)
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Waiting For Godot (2000)
Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid (1969)

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Vangelo secondo Matteo, Il (1964)

Evangelij po Mateju
Country of Origin: Italy, France
Length: 137min
References: IMDb
Original project format: 35mm, 1,66:1, black & white, comopt, mono
language: Italian
feature film

Summary:Along a rocky, barren coastline, Jesus begins teaching, primarily using parables. He attracts disciples; he's stern, brusque, and demanding. He comes to bring a sword, not peace, he says. He's in a hurry, moving from place to place near the Sea of Galilee, sometimes attracting a multitude, sometimes being driven away. His parables often take on the powers that be, so he and his teachings come to the attention of the Pharisees, the chief priests, and elders. They conspire to have him arrested, beaten, tried, and crucified, just as he prophesied to his followers. After he dies, he appears to his disciples and gives them final instructions. (IMDb, 7. 5. 2015)
Pier Paolo Pasolini (Director)
Pier Paolo Pasolini (Screenwriter)
Enrique Irazoqui (Actor, Christ)
Margherita Caruso (Actor, Mary (younger))
Susanna Pasolini (Actor, Mary (older))

Videotapes and DVDs available at Videoteka AGRFT:
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in place 3598 (VHS, available)
in place 7495 (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 7496 (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 12200 (DVD, original - not available, with English subtitles)
in place 19298 (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 19299 (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
on lend 19300 (DVD, on lend, with English subtitles)

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Zvone Sintič (27.5.1912-)
Vladimir Koch (15.7.1912-27.5.1987)
Janez Škof st. (27.5.1924-23.3.2009)
Predrag Vranešević (27.5.1946-)

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