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Koyaa - Roža (2013)

Koyaa - Flower
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 3min 35s
Original project format: 1,77:1, colour
animated short

Summary:Koyaa wants to take advantage of the beautiful sunny morning and do some gardening, but not everything goes according to plan. The flower he plants will not grow at first. Then, under the influence of music, it turns into a flesh-eating monster and tries to devour him. However, with Raven's help Koyaa gains control over the ferocious flower.
Kolja Saksida (Director)
Kolja Saksida (Screenwriter)
Jure Karas (Screenwriter)
Marko Bratuš (Screenwriter)
Miloš Srdić (Director of Photography)
Tomaž Gorkič (Film Editor)
Piotr Ficner (Animator)
Borja Močnik (Composer)
Miha Šajina (Composer)
Kolja Saksida (Author)
Blaž Porenta (Art Design Author - likov)
Blaž Slivnik (Art Design Author - likov)
Gregor Nartnik (Art Design Author - scenografije)

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