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Ne/znani oder 14.5.96 - AGRFT 50 let (1996)

Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 54min
Original project format: colour
language: Slovenian
television documentary

Majda Knap (Director)
UL AGRFT (Portrayee)
Viktor Molka (Featured)
Balbina Battelino Baranovič (Featured)
Dušan Mlakar (Featured)
Kristijan Muck (Featured)
Jožica Avbelj (Featured)
Boris Cavazza (Featured)
Mile Korun (Featured)
Jernej Lorenci (Featured - kot študent)
Andrej Inkret (Participating)
Ivanka Mežan (Participating)
Demeter Bitenc (Participating)

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in place 23216 (DVD, original - not available)
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Idea: Simona Ješelnik, Tanja Premk Grum, Martin Srebotnjak, Barbara Sušec-Michieli
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