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Vivere (1997)

Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 12min 50s (141m)
References: SFC | Arhiv RS
Original project format: 16mm, 1,37:1, colour, comopt, mono
language: Slovenian
short fiction
an AGRFT student production/project
3. year 1996/1997 FR III.

Summary:Elsa decided to visit a Pavarotti concert in the city. She calls up a cab. Paul, football-fan-taxi-driver must first drive her back as she forgot her pills. But that is just the beginning. Plus a mad postman, who has been delivering pensions the whole day. The journey can begin.
Opombe:Delovni naslov: Pehtran.
Martin Srebotnjak (Director)
Martin Srebotnjak (Screenwriter)
Maja B. Jančič (Screenwriter)
Naresh Sharma (Director of Photography)
Dafne Jemeršić (Film Editor)
Primož Pirnat (Actor, Taksist)
Iva Zupančič (Actor, Elza)
Rafael Vončina (Actor, Poštar)
Franci Slak (Mentor - za montažo)
Karpo Aćimović Godina (Mentor - za režijo)
Andrej Inkret (Mentor - za scenaristiko)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Aleš Pavlin (Producer)
Martin Srebotnjak (Set Designer)
Muni Ravnikar (Costume Designer)
Damijan Kunej (Sound Designer)
Alenka Nahtigal (Make-Up Artist)
Branko Atanasković (Sound Recordist)
David Pollak (Assistant Director)
RTV Slovenija (Co-Production Company)

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FTV1060 (Betacam SP, limited, IN PLACE)
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Units in AGRFT Archive:
A447 - Vivere (seminar - shooting script, confined)
A10666 - Pavarotti - Pehtran (seminar - shooting script, confined)

17. Internationales Festival der Filmhochschulen (1997) - Najboljši šolski program

Festival Applications:
17. Internationales Festival der Filmhochschulen (1997, in competition); 1. Festival slovenskega filma (1998, in competition); Festival studentskog filma (2000, in competition);

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