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Ladomir-Faktura; Egorhythm 1; Atol (1996)

Country of Origin: Slovenia
Original project format: colour

Summary:Excerpts from the LADOMIR-FAKTURA: Fourth surface - the surface of contact! / LADOMIR-FAKTURA: First surface - MICROLAB real-time computer film. MICROLAB is based on the first abstract theatre perfomance in history, Bilder einer Ausstellung by Vasilij Kandinsky. The basic motive of this work is a didactic research of the relation between form and time. / Documentation (static camera) of the LADOMIR-FAKTURA: Second surface - WE WERE EXPETING YOU! performance situation. The basic motive of this 12 hour long performance is the relationship between the Individual human being and macro-natural systems. / Excerpts from performances and situations before LADOMIR-FAKTURA - TERITORIJ MIR-a was a communication event. It consisted of SW communication with amateur radio operators arround Europe. / EGORHYTHM 1, shorter rhythmical-scenic structures, wich formed the research material and the base for a longer scenic event ATOL and the projects in the LADOMIR-FAKTURA cycle. / Excerpts from the rss ATOL performance.
Opombe:Eksperiment vizualni
Marko Peljhan (Director)

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