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A8680 - OS. Glasilo OO ZSMS in ZBORA ŠTUDENTOV AGRFT, št. 1, l. 3, 82/83 (1983, )
A8679 - Informativni bilten OO ZSMS in ZBORA ŠTUDENTOV AGRFT (1980, bulletin)
A8678 - OS (1981, )
A8677 - deklici (2024, )
A8676 - deklici (2024, )

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Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988)
Shi mian mai fu (2004)
Matrix Revolutions, The (2003)
Matrix (1999)
Down by Law (1986)

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Trainspotting (1996)

Country of Origin: Great Britain
Length: 94min
Original project format: colour, Dolby Digital
language: English
feature film

Danny Boyle (Director)
John Hodge (Screenwriter)
Ewan McGregor (Actor, Renton)
Ewen Bremner (Actor, Spud)
Jonny Lee Miller (Actor, Sick Boy)
Kevin McKidd (Actor, Tommy)
Robert Carlyle (Actor, Begbie)
Irvine Welsh (Writer - Author)

Videotapes and DVDs available at Videoteka AGRFT:
in place 4167 (VHS, available)
in place 7859 - 16:9 Widescreen movie + 4:3 movie (DVD, original - not available, with English subtitles)
in place 7860 - 16:9 Widescreen movie (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 7861 - 4:3 movie (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 7862 - 16:9 Widescreen movie (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 7863 - 4:3 movie (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 26898 (DVD, original - not available, with Slovenian subtitles)

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Boris Kralj (19.5.1929-16.6.1995)
Ivo Ban (19.5.1949-)
Bjanka A. Ursulov (19.5.1950-)

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