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Gremo mi po svoje (2010)

Going Our Way
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 97min (2610m)
References: IMDb | SFC
Original project format: 35mm, 2,35:1, colour, Dolby Digital
language: Slovenian
feature film

Keywords/Index entries: youth film
Summary:Alex with friends scouting camp at river Soca. Elder widely scouting and taking care of small children and this leads to many comic complications. The fact that more boys than for the scout law and skills of interest to the adjacent, sports and arts camp...
Miha Hočevar (Director)
Miha Hočevar (Screenwriter)
Simon Tanšek (Director of Photography)
Olga Toni (Film Editor)
Andrija Zafranović (Film Editor)
Jurij Moškon (Film Editor)
Jurij Zrnec (Actor, Starešina)
Jana Zupančič (Actor, Kuharica Majda)
Uroš Kaurin (Actor)
Luka Cimprič (Actor)
Miha Ferkov (Set Designer)
Polonca Valentinčič (Costume Designer)
Julij Zornik (Sound Designer)
Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska (Make-Up Artist)
Mitja Vrhovnik - Smrekar (Composer)

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