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Črvi (2003)

Črvi: Foto 1 - Črvi: Foto 1 -
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 18min 54s (215m)
References: SFC | Arhiv RS
Original project format: 16mm, 1,37:1, colour, comopt, mono
language: Slovenian
premiere date: 6.11.2003
short fiction
an AGRFT student production/project
5. year 2002/2003 FR IV.

Summary:Kristjan is a young man who likes reading comics. In order to repay his friend Marjan for the comics, Kristjan invites him to watch his neighbour Meta when she is having a bath in a tub every evening. Kristjan also trades worms with Max, a mentally retarded fisherman. Meta has a boyfriend Grega whom he meets in an abandoned cottage at the nearby lake. One evening, when Meta is going to meet Grega, she is murdered by Marjan and his friends.
Robert Černelč (Director)
Robert Černelč (Screenwriter)
Jure Černec (Director of Photography)
Janez Bricelj (Film Editor)
Ludvik Bagari (Actor, Maks)
Eva Celec (Actor, Meta)
Andrej Gorčan (Actor, Marjan)
Metod Gutman (Actor, Kristijan)
Simon Javornik (Actor, Dejan)
Andrej Kustec (Actor, Zdravko)
Mitja Prša (Actor, Grega)
Franci Slak (Mentor - za montažo)
Miran Zupanič (Mentor - za režijo)
Andrej Inkret (Mentor - za scenaristiko)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Jožica Blatnik (Producer)
Robert Černelč (Set Designer)
Robert Černelč (Costume Designer)
Julij Zornik (Sound Designer)
Mirjam Kavčič (Make-Up Artist)
Jože Trtnik (Sound Recordist)
Bojana Šaljić (Film Music Composer)

Videotapes and DVDs available at Videoteka AGRFT:
in place 8583 (DVD, available)
on lend 8584 (DVD, on lend)
on lend 11767 (DVD, original - not on lend, with English subtitles)
on lend 11768 (DVD, on lend, with English subtitles)
on lend 11769 (DVD, on lend, with English subtitles)
in place 14139 (DVD, original - not available)
in place 14140 (DVD, available)
in place 14389 (DVD, available)
on lend 16089 (DVD, on lend, with English subtitles)

Units available in FTV Archive:
FTV1165 (Betacam SP, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1166 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1171 (Betacam SP, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1181 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1185 (Betacam SP, original - not available, IN PLACE)
FTV1208 (DVCam, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1306 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)

Units in AGRFT Archive:
A4020 (seminar - screenplay, confined)
A4021 - "Alan Ford" (seminar - shooting script, confined)
A4022 (negative, original - not available)
A4023 (photograph, original - not available)
A4113 - The 10th International Student Film Festival Tel-Aviv (festival catalogue, available)

7. Festival Slovenskega filma (2004) - Vesna za debitant leta
7. European Festival of Film Schools, Bologna (2004) - Special Mention Jury
45. Zlinski pes, Film Festival Zlin (2005) - Third Award for Short Film

Festival Applications:
Škisova tržnica (2007, not in competition); 15. International Film Festival "Etiuda&Anima" (2008, special screening); 7. Festival Slovenskega filma (2004, in competition); 7. European Festival of Film Schools, Bologna (2004, in competition); 45. Zlinski pes, Film Festival Zlin (2005, in competition);

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