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Ovni in mamuti (1985)

Rams and Mammoths
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 91min (2463m)
References: IMDb | Arhiv RS
Original project format: 35mm, 1,37:1, colour, comopt, mono
language: Slovenian
premiere date: 11.6.1985
feature film

Summary:One weird but at the same time very difficult and sad story about the Bosnians, the temporary workers in Slovenia. Their survival and the constant demand for a better place under the sun. It also movie speaks of the great longtime animosity between Bosnians and Slovenians. (IMDb, 7. 5. 2015)
Filip Robar Dorin (Director)
Filip Robar Dorin (Screenwriter)
Karpo Aćimović Godina (Director of Photography)
Filip Robar Dorin (Film Editor)
Božidar Bunjevac (Actor, Huso)
Albert Marko Derganc (Actor, Marko skače)
Blaž Ogorevc (Actor, Blaž)
Berta Bojetu (Featured)
Ranko Gučevac (Featured)
Milan Joveš (Featured)
Franci Slak (Featured)
Zlatka Strniša (Featured)
Slavko Štimac (Featured)
Simona Weiss (Featured)
Zlatko Zajc (Featured)
Filip Robar Dorin (Producer)
Jani Kovačič (Composer)
Marjan Horvat (Sound Recordist)
Karpo Aćimović Godina (Cameraman)
Petre Nikolov (Line Producer)

Videotapes and DVDs available at Videoteka AGRFT:
in place 6120 - Ovni in mamuti (VHS, confined)

Units in AGRFT Archive:
A2455 - Ovni in mamuti (seminar - student paper, confined)

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