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Zanamci (2000)

Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 24min
Original project format: colour
short TV play
an AGRFT student production/project
3. year 1999/2000 TVR III.

Summary:The popular write Hector Tavernier lives with his young wife Berta. Their relationship is of a formal nature, full of pretence and insults. The writer is preoccupied with the writing of his new novel, while his wife feels neglected and is having an affair with the writer´s secretary Blond.
Opombe:Posneto na TV Slo S-2 09.05.2000; beta kaseta
Bojana Rudl (Director)
Brane Završan (Actor)
Matija Vastl (Actor)
Iva Krajnc Bagola (Actor)
Katarina Stegnar (Actor)
Igor Šmid (Mentor - asistent)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Janez Drozg (Production Company)
Martin Turk (Assistant - režiserja)
Urška Dolinar (Set Designer)
Andre Rasan (Writer - Author - literarne predloge: Zanamci)
Marko Poeschl (Organizer)
Marko Poeschl (Organizer)

Units available in FTV Archive:
FTV10068 (Betacam SP, original - not available, IN PLACE)
FTV10083 (Betacam SP, original - not available, IN PLACE)

Units in AGRFT Archive:
A693 - Zanamci (seminar - screenplay, confined)

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