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A mia madre - Moji materi (2005)

To my Mother
Moji materi, Počep - Mlada mati čepi na tleh. Moji materi, Podpora - Mati in sin Ganni sedita na postelji, srednji plan. Moji materi, Sanjarjenje - Mlada Ganni leži na postelji. Moji materi, Slabost - Mati leži na postelji, ameriški plan. Moji materi, Zdravnik - Zdravnik sedi za mizo. Moji Materi: Foto 6 - Moji Materi: Foto 7 - Moji Materi: Foto 8 - Moji Materi: Ekipa - Moji Materi: Režiser -
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 12min 38s (148m)
Original project format: 16mm, colour, DAT, stereo
language: Italian
premiere date: 15.9.2005
short fiction
an AGRFT student production/project
3. year 2004/2005 FR III.

Summary:At the beginning of the 20th century the population of Trieste consisted of 30 per cents Slovenes. The film is based on a true story, one of the many similar stories that occurred in Trieste and in the area around after the Italian occupation in 1918. At the time of the fascist regime, there is a prohibition against Slovenian language. In this situation a Slovenian couple from Trieste decides to teach their son only how to speak Italian. The son grows up in Italy as an Italian citizen. As his mother grows old, she suffers from regression and forgets everything except the deepest memories. Consequently she also forgets how to speak Italian and speaks with her son in her maternal language. The son doesn't understand her.
Gregor Božič (Director)
Gregor Božič (Screenwriter)
Aniello Grieco (Director of Photography)
Miloš Kalusek (Film Editor)
Jana Radovič (Actor, Mlada mati)
Danijel Malalan (Actor, Oče)
Alessandro Mizzi (Actor, Gianni)
Miranda Caharija (Actor, Mati)
Delfi Brero (Actor, Mladi Gianni - naturščik)
Fulvio Falzarana (Actor, Zdravnik)
Stanko Kostanjevec (Mentor - za montažo)
Miran Zupanič (Mentor - za režijo)
Andrej Inkret (Mentor - za scenaristiko)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Jožica Šmid (Producer)
Andraž Trkman (Set Designer)
Maja Možic (Costume Designer)
Julij Zornik (Sound Designer)
Sandra Ržen (Script Supervisor)
Marko Poeschl (Organizer - TV Slo)
Mirjam Kavčič (Make-Up Artist)
Jože Trtnik (Sound Recordist)
RTV Slovenija (Co-Production Company)
Gregor Stermecki (Film Music Composer)

Videotapes and DVDs available at Videoteka AGRFT:
in place 7363 (DVD, available)
in place 10217 (DVD, original - not available)
in place 10218 (DVD, available)
in place 10219 (DVD, available)

Units available in FTV Archive:
FTV1235 (Betacam SP, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1237 (Betacam IMX, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1244 (Betacam SP, limited, with Slovenian subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1249 (Betacam SP, limited, with Slovenian subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1250 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1252 (DVCam, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1265 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1268 (DVCam, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1287 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1317 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)

Units in AGRFT Archive:
A4135 - Moji materi - A Mia Madre (seminar - shooting script, confined)
A4136 - Moji materi - A Mia Madre (seminar - screenplay, confined)
A4137 - Moji materi - A Mia Madre (photograph (contact) C, confined)
A4138 - Moji materi - A Mia Madre - skeni negativov (CD-ROM, confined)
A4139 - Moji materi - A Mia Madre (seminar - project documentation, confined)

Festival Applications:
Trieste Film Festival (2007, in competition); 6. International Festival of Short Film Nevidannoe Kino (2006, applied); 9. Festival Slovenskega filma (2006, applied); 57a Mostra Internazionale del cortometraggio (2006, in competition); 7. Festival Internacional de Escuelas de Cine (2006, in competition); Cinema senza confini (2007, in competition); Collegium Artium (2008, special screening); 2. International Presentation of Alternative Cinema CAO AMARELO 2008 (2008, special screening);

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