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Snubač (2005)

The Proposal
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 14min 54s
Original project format: Betacam SP, colour, stereo
short TV play
an AGRFT student production/project
3. year 2004/2005 TVR III.

Summary:End of the nineteenth century in Russia: Ivan Vasilijevič Lomov, a long time neighbour of a wealthy landlord Stepan Stepanovič Čubukov, comes to ask his daughter Natalia Stepanovna´s hand in marriage. Lomov and Stepanovna are bickerers at heart, which is why the proposal transforms into a hilarious and ridiculous farce dictated by the hypohondrical and hypocritical characters. They fight throughout the play until the end, when Lomov and Natalija finally get engaged.
Opombe:Posneto 27. in 28.09.2005 v S-1 in RA 1 na RTV Slo
Gregor Božič (Director)
Gregor Božič (Screenwriter)
Primož Pirnat (Actor)
Medea Novak (Actor)
Ivo Barišič (Actor)
Igor Šmid (Mentor)
Marko Naberšnik (Mentor - asistent)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Jožica Blatnik (Producer)
Urška Dolinar (Set Designer)
Meta Sever (Costume Designer)
Marko Poeschl (Organizer)
Mirjam Kavčič (Make-Up Artist)
RTV Slovenija (Co-Production Company)

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