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Bela gospa (2007)

White Lady
Bela gospa: Ekipa 1 - Bela gospa: Ekipa 2 - Bela gospa: Ekipa 3 - Bela gospa: Ekipa 4 - Bela gospa: Ekipa 5 -
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 78min
Original project format: colour, stereo
language: Slovenian
television fiction feature

Keywords/Index entries: children film
Summary:“The White Lady” is a children’s thriller that probes into those secret corners of child’s imagination in which all of those unknown phantoms are hidden. Ana and Peter are not enthusiastic about leaving behind their city lifestyle for a holiday at their grandmothers, since it is the most uninteresting and boring place on earth, where nothing thrilling ever happens, but this time it will be much different…
Siena Krušič (Director)
Tamara Doneva (Screenwriter)
Marko Kočevar (Director of Photography)
Marko Mandić (Actor, Jole)
Tjaša Železnik (Actor, Adelajda)
Petra Rojnik Veber (Actor, Gertruda)
Jožica Avbelj (Actor, Nona)
Dora Markun (Actor, Ana)
Gašper Markun (Actor, Peter)
RTV Slovenija (Production Company)
Greta Godnič (Set Designer)
Emil Cerar (Costume Designer)
Saška Jenič (Script Supervisor)
Alenka Vidmar (Make-Up Artist)
Nino de Gleria (Composer)
Tamara Doneva (Author)

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