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Bordo rdeča (2007)

Burgundy Red
Bordo rdeča, Pogled - Bordo rdeča, Za mizo - Bordo rdeča, Noč - Gašper pri oknu Bordo rdeča, V knjigarni - V knjigarni, Nina daje knjige Domnu Bordo rdeča, Z rožami - Nina in Gašper
Country of Origin: Slovenia
Length: 19min 40s (236m)
References: SFC
Original project format: S-16mm, 1,77:1, colour, DAT, stereo
language: Slovenian
premiere date: 19.9.2007
short fiction
an AGRFT student production/project
3. year 2006/2007 FR III.

Summary:Domen is a confused student, who happens to meet Nina in a bookstore, only later realizing that she is dating his brother, with whom Domen doesn`t get along at all. During his mom`s birthday party, meeting her new boyfriend and having to deal with complicated relationships in his family, we witness a story about growing up and about love, wich is not perfect, but nevertheless life changing.
Nejc Gazvoda (Director)
Nejc Gazvoda (Screenwriter)
Matej Križnik (Director of Photography)
Miloš Kalusek (Film Editor)
Jurij Drevenšek (Actor, Domen)
Nina Ivanišin (Actor, Nina)
Matej Puc (Actor, Gašper)
Jožica Avbelj (Actor, Mama)
Boris Cavazza (Actor, Rafko)
Stanko Kostanjevec (Mentor - za montažo)
Miran Zupanič (Mentor - za režijo)
Miroslav Mandić (Mentor - za scenaristiko)
UL AGRFT (Production Company)
Jožica Blatnik (Producer)
Elena Fajt Velikonja (Costume Designer)
Julij Zornik (Sound Designer)
Marko Poeschl (Organizer)
Petra Hartman (Make-Up Artist)
Jože Trtnik (Sound Recordist)
RTV Slovenija (Co-Production Company)
Marijan Dović (Film Music Composer)
Tomislav Jovanović (Film Music Composer)

Videotapes and DVDs available at Videoteka AGRFT:
in place 10110 (DVD, original - not available)
in place 10111 (DVD, lost)
on lend 10112 (DVD, on lend)
in place 10201 (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 10202 (DVD, available, with English subtitles)
in place 10395 (DVD, available)
on lend 10896 (DVD, on lend)
in place 14862 (DVD, available)

Units available in FTV Archive:
FTV1375 (Betacam SP, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1376 (Digital Betacam, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1380 (Digital Betacam, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1382 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1393 (Betacam SP, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1400 (Betacam SP, limited, with English subtitles, IN PLACE)
FTV1433 (Betacam SP, limited, IN PLACE)
FTV1435 (Betacam SP, limited, IN PLACE)

Units in AGRFT Archive:
A4674 - Nova generacija režiserjev: večera, ki vlivata upanje (newspaper article, confined)
A4952 - Bordo rdeča (screenplay, confined)
A4953 - Bordo rdeča (shooting script, confined)
A4954 - Bordo rdeča (project documentation, confined)
A4955 - Bordo rdeča (CD-ROM w/Digital Stills, confined)
A4956 - Bordo rdeča (photograph, confined)
A5664 - Projekcija filmske produkcije študentov AGRFT v kinodvoru (poster, confined)

Festival Applications:
15. International Film Festival "Etiuda&Anima" (2008, not accepted); Mednarodni poletni festival TRNFEST (2008, special screening); 11. Festival slovenskega filma (2008, not in competition); Projekcija v Kinoteki (2009, special screening);

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